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  • “The kits have worked great. Easy to follow instructions and reproducible results.”

    Charles Armitage - Queensland University of Technology
  • “The kit performed very well and I'm satisfied with it. As a personal opinion, I think that the strong point of ELISAkit.com lays in its flexibility more than in its performance.”

    Alessandra Bestetti - The University of Melbourne
  • “I would like to comment on the excellent products that I receive from ELISAKit.com Company.

    Actually, I have ordered twice from them and I found that they have the super-fast delivery.

    The goods were in perfect condition. They provided the highest levels of performance and excellent value as R and D system product had. The Protocol was perfect, contained more than enough information so I rate the Protocol for ease of use excellent. Performance of the ELISAKit.com ELISA kit(s) that I purchased was excellent."

    Marzieh Jabbarzare - The University of Melbourne
  • “The kits were very easy to use. However, I did have trouble with one kit where the concentrations in my samples greatly exceeded the standard curve. However, this can be amended by diluting out the samples. Overall it was much easier to use than some other ELISA kits."

    Christine Chesterman - Monash University
  • “Kit performed well”

    Tegan Kastelein - Charles Sturt University
  • “Instructions were very straight forward, particularly for first time ELISA users.”

    Jennifer Huynh - The University of Melbourne
  • “The kit is really good and would definitely recommend it!”

    Joy Yao - Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute
  • “The assay was easy to perform. The background was low, replicates were tight, and a quality standard curve was produced.”

    Kylie Goy - Burnet Institute
  • “Your ELISA kit performed well in our hands. We observed tight replicates and good linearity. There was also good correlation with our Luminex results. The kit was really easy to use with short incubation times and was complete with all necessary reagents, which saved me time! It’s nice to know that there’s a quality ELISA kit supplier based here in Australia.”

    Natalia Sampaio - Louis Schofield , Infection and Immunity Department, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute