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Student ELISA Kit

Name Student ELISA Kit
SKU elisakit.com-0046

This student ELISA kit enables the quantitative measurement of a model antigen (Human IgG) in a classroom setting. The entire assay can be performed in less than 30 minutes by the utilisation of 5 minute incubation times. Each kit contains one strip-well plate along with sufficient key reagents for plate development.

Each kit is suitable for 4 groups of students by using 3 x 8 strip-well columns per group. This will allow the standards, two positives (or unknowns; ie. 30 and 15ng/ml) and a negative control to be run in duplicate. Many other formats are also possible depending on end user requirements.

Kit contents 0046
96 well strip-plate 1
Strip-well frames 3
Antigen (Human IgG) 5 vials
Coating buffer 28ml
20x wash Buffer 28ml
Assay diluent 1B 28ml
Detection antibody- HRP labelled TMB substrate 1 vial (40μL). 13ml.
Stop solution 10ml
Size 1 Kit
Species Human
Cross reactivity
Supplier Elisakit.com
Manufactured Developed and manufactured in Australia
Product data sheet Download PDF