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Human sICAM-1 ELISA Kit

Name Human sICAM-1 ELISA Kit
SKU elisakit.com-0044
Target sVCAM-1
Description This human soluable VCAM-1 ELISA kit is designed to enable the quantitative measurement of natural and/or recombinant sVCAM-1 in serum, plasma and cell culture media. The kit contains one strip-well plate pre-coated with human sVCAM-1 capture antibody along with sufficient key reagents for plate development.
Size 1 Kit
Species Human
Sensitivity The lower limit of quantitation (LLQ) of the assay is typically 0.1ng/mL. The LLQ was determined by adding 3 standard deviations to the mean optical density of 5 zero antigen replicates and calculating the corresponding concentration.
Cross reactivity This ELISA kit recognises natural and recombinant human sVCAM-1.
Supplier Elisakit.com
Manufactured Developed and manufactured in Australia
Product data sheet Download PDF